The SEAS Catholic School Advisory Council is advisory and consultative to the pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church and the school principal. The Council assists the pastor and the school principal to recommend policy and to identify and articulate the educational needs and aspirations of the school and the school community. These goals become the basis for program objectives, policies and action plans for the educational program.


The SEAS Catholic School Advisory Council holds meetings monthly (except July and August) in the main conference room of the Pastoral Center. Please check the school newsletter for time or location changes. Anyone who wishes to address the Council may request the procedures for such presentation from the school principal.


Parent and Student Handbook

This handbook is provided as a guide for both parents and students. By becoming familiar with our procedures, you will be able to cooperate with the school in our endeavor to educate your children. The students are expected to become familiar with the policies and regulations of the school, which are all intended to be a positive and motivating experience in your children’s education at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School.

The enrollment of a student at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is an agreement on the part of a student and his/her parents/guardians that they will comply with all the school procedures, rules, and regulations as set forth in this handbook and changes made in the course of the year by the school principal.

Uniform Requirements

Every Student PK-8 must have one Mass uniform (grade level appropriate) purchased from MILLS SCHOOL WEAR. All school uniforms are to be purchased through Mills school wear only, This includes PE uniforms. The school code for Mills is 595.

Click HERE for a direct link to Mills wear and the SEASCS uniform options.

Shoes must be close toed, closed back, and rubber soled. Shoes may be more than one color including black, brown, blue, green or white. No high tops, lights, action figures, sounds, or wheels allowed. Light colored soles are preferred. Shoes must fit well and provide good support and traction.

Shoelaces Must be appropriate to the school uniform and a single color.

All students are required to wear Socks that cover the ankle bones and are visible at least one inch above the shoe top. Girls may wear white, navy, or hunter green and boys may wear white, navy or black. 

All Pants With Belt loops must be worn with a belt.

Skirts should be hemmed no more than one inch above the knee.

Additional uniform guidelines will be sent home in the parent/guardian-student handbook.

Safe Environment Training

The CMG Safe Haven online training consists of 3 vignette style training videos that is approximately 60 minutes and will include a criminal background check that must be completed. Click on this link to log in and create an account: This training is available in English and Spanish. We will no longer offer live training, all Safe Environment training will only be available online. All volunteers will complete the Safe Haven online training program. The turnaround time for approval may be approximately two weeks or less. All individuals must complete the training and complete a background check prior to the start of employment and/or volunteer service. Training is valid for 5 years.


Attention Parents: DoNOTbuy school supplies this year!

The school is able to create uniformity and consistency in the tools that are used in the classroom by providing them for students. Parents will only need to purchase a few items for students, including the following:

Pre K: Nap Mat, Lunch Kit, Water Bottle (Backpacks provided)
K-8th: Backpack, Lunch Kit, Water Bottle


(Parent Teacher Organization)

“Volunteer with PTO and let’s create lasting memories together”

What’s the PTO all about?

The PTO is a group of enthusiastic parents and caregivers just like you, who come together to enhance the educational experience of our children. It’s an opportunity to volunteer, collaborate and create unforgettable memories for our school community. We believe that every parent has something unique to offer, and we invite you to join hands with us to make a difference. Whether you can spare a few hours or contribute your expertise, every bit of involvement counts!!! Together let’s create a vibrant school community where our children can thrive, and where beautiful memories are made. Your involvement will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

PTO OFFICERS 2023-2024

President – Stephany Araiza (3rd grade mom)       Vice President – Norma Delgato (8th grade mom)       Secretary – Yassim Beltran (4th grade mom)

Anyone who wants to participate must complete the CMG Safe Heaven online training course. This training is FREE and available in English and Spanish. Click the link below and start your training course today.
For more information please call the office at 281-463-1444 or email:

Volunteer Opportunities

St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School encourages parent involvement and offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year.


Lunch Menu

Lunch will be made on site. For the full menu items please log into your FACTS account. You will also be able to order lunch as well.

Carpool Procedures

In order to provide a safe environment for the arrival and dismissal of our students, drop-off and pick up procedures have been established. It is imperative that we have the cooperation of all parent/guardians.

During both morning and afternoon carpool times, students are required to walk between and next to cars. Your diligent attention of the movement of all children is required.


Morning Dropoff

  • All students are to be dropped off in front of the Education Center.
  • No student is to be dropped off in the parking lot area, the CLC, or pavilion
  • Students will exit and enter cars from the passenger side.
  • Students must not be on school grounds before 7:20 AM, unless at morning extended day care.
  • Only an adult should retrieve book bags from the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Drivers will form ONE line for morning drop off, next to the Education Building sidewalk and pull forward, completely, to allow as many cars as possible for drop off.
  • Please follow this procedure in order to insure the safety and security of your child.
  • Any student, who has not been picked up within 30 minutes after dismissal, is considered a “late pickup” and will be walked to our After School Program. The $50.00 registration fee plus $10.00 hourly fee will be applied. This fee must be paid at the time of pick-up.
  • “Late pickup” begins at 3:45 p.m.
  • “Late pickups” will be charged $1.00 per student for each minute the parent/guardian/daycare/carpool is late. “The fee is due at the time of pick-up.”
  • Only those children who are supervised by a sponsor and are participating in an approved activity may be on the campus after 3:45 PM (brothers, sisters or other carpool member may NOT wait for a participant in an approved activity or for someone in detention).
  • All students attending after school activities must be picked up at the designated time or a $1.00 per minute late charge will be assessed and is due at pick-up.
  • Parents and guardians must notify the individual day care when there is an early dismissal.
  • If you pick up a sick child from school, please remember to inform the other parents in your multi-family carpool, so they will not look for your child at carpool time and may make the necessary changes in arranging how the other students in that carpool will be picked up.

Afternoon Pickup

  • Carpool (individual/group) will be assigned a carpool number / letter to be placed in the window of the car. (All students must have a carpool number regardless of their after school plan.) SEAS Staff members will walk students to the vehicle.
  • Only adults may retrieve or deposit book bags in trunks.
    DO NOT exit your vehicle while in carpool line to search for your child/children.
  • If your child has not responded to his page, you will be asked to move around the corner (in front of the Pavilion) while a staff member tries to locate him/her.
  • No children will be allowed to walk to cars in parking lot unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Students ARE NOT to be picked up in any area other than the designated carpool area.
  • Drivers will form ONE line for afternoon pick-up, next to the Education Building sidewalk.
  • Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd grade vehicles will form a line next to the Education Building for 3:15 dismissal. 3rd – 8th grade vehicles can form a line next to the Family Life Center until 3:30, when they can then merge into the dismissal line next to the Education Building sidewalk. Please do not use the Huffmeister entrance before 3:15 unless you have a Pre-K – 2nd grade student.

Spirit Nights

Reward Programs

There are many ways to support St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School where you shop. Please select “Learn More” from the options below as well as here for further information on the various businesses that help our school when you shop!

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